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Founding Sensei

Kenneth B. Tamai (Rokudan)

1933 - 2004


Kevin Tamai (Godan)
Karen Whilden (Rokudan)
Peggy Whilden (Rokudan)
Diane Jackson (Godan)
Mark Smith (Yodan)
Brad Mason (Sandan)
Reza Biazaran (Sandan)
Margie Tamai Kettl (Sandan)
Laurel Faust (Nidan)
Chris Howell (Shodan)
R. Wayne Brown (Shodan)
Shaun Eddy (Shodan)
Brandon Viernes (Shodan)



Beltsville Community Center
3900 Sellman Road
Beltsville, MD
(301) 674-5438
(703)  622-6861
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Tuesday & Thursday, 7:00 to 9:00 pm

drop-ins with current rank-card welcome, $5
Beginners $15/month
Club $20/month
(2 months per payment)

Demonstrations? Call us to inquire about arranging one for your group.

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Shufu JudoYudanshakai


Shufu Open Judo Championships


Saturday, October 5, 2019


Honoring all of the past Shufu Legends who helped to create Shufu

Site: DeMatha Catholic High School, Convocation Center Gym, 4318 Madison St, Hyattsville, Maryland, 20781

Sanctioned by: USJF                          Sanction Number: 19-10-??

Tournament directors Kevin Tamai (703) 622-6861 and Kurt Tamai (301) 537-5836

Schedule:        8:00 - 8:30 Kata, Junior and Master Check in (NO ONSITE REGISTRATION)

9:00 - 10:00 Kata Competition

9:00 - 1:00 Junior/Masters Competition

10:00 -11:00 Senior Check in (NO ONSITE REGISTRATION)

*1:00 - 5:00 Senior Competition (*Senior Competition will begin after Junior Competition)

Fees: Registration Fee Early (by 9/6/19)          Standard (by 9/20/19)                Late (After 9/20/19)                 Closed

First Division                   $40                             $50                                          $60                              10/1/19

Kata (per team per kata) $40                             $50                                          $60

2nd Division                    $20                             $25                                          $30

**Registration rates apply to the date payment is received. No postal entries after Sept 27

**Onsite payments will be charged at the Late Registration Rate (60.00).

**Online entries up to Sept 30 (No Onsite Registration).

** Since this is a Shufu Sanctioned event, any registered Shufu member can receive a $5 discount on their first division entry fee.

Online Registration = Google Forms Registration Form + Paypal payment + email a copy of  your membership card, non-black belt certificate, and tournament waiver.

Online Registration: Online Entry (Google Forms)

Make check payable to: Hui-O-Judo (or Pay  Pal and credit card payment accepted – Pay here)

Mail entry form to: Kevin Tamai, 2973 Fox Tail Court, Woodbridge, VA 22192

We will email you confirmation for all entries received.

If you do not receive confirmation, contact the tournament director via phone or email.

We will accept EMAIL ENTRIES (email PDF FORM) with a hard copy of the entry form and waiver presented onsite. Entry fee is subject rates according to the day of payment, include a copy of the Paypal receipt. NO REFUNDS. Any onsite payments will be charged the LATE registration fee (60.00).

Eligibility to compete: A current USA JUDO (USJI), USJF or USJA membership card MUST be presented at registration along with the signed LIABILITY WAIVER and non-black belt certification.

Contest Rules:

Current IJF contest rules will govern EXCEPT;

No chokes for 12 years old and younger.

No arm locks for16 years old and younger during Junior competition.

Any attempt to perform any technique with the intent to injure the opponent as determined by the officials on the mat will be an automatic hansokumake.

Any judoka competing up in division will follow the rules of that division.

Concussion policy will be utilized. Judokas diagnosed with a concussion will not be allowed to continue competing.

The CARE system will be used based on availability of CARE equipment.

No Kansetsu waza in junior divisions.

Kansetsu waza is NOT allowed in any senior novice divisions.

Referee Certification

Testing for local and regional referee certification is available upon request. Candidates should contact the tournament director prior to the event.

Elimination System:

Modified Double elimination system will be used on divisions with more than 5 people.

Winner of loser bracket will get to fight loser of winner bracket for 2nd place. Smaller divisions of 5 or less will

use a round robin point system. Understand it is possible win all your matches and still not get 1st place.

Note: All female competitors are required to wear a white tee shirt. Blue belts or gis must be worn by the blue

competitor and white gi must be worn by the white competitor. (blue gi and white belt is not allowed for the

white competitor). Competitors must BRING YOUR OWN white belt and blue belt. Belts will be available for

purchase at the shiaijo. Please contact the tournament director if you cannot meet this requirement. All junior

matches will be 3 minutes. Senior matches will be 4 minutes.

Awards: Trophies will be given for first, second and third place in each division. A team trophy will be

awarded for the top Junior Team, Collegiate Team, and Senior Team. Collegiate Teams are teams associated with

college or university judo programs but judokas are not required to be students. Team points will be awarded as

5 points for 1st place, 3 points for second place and 1 point for third place. Outstanding Junior and Outstanding

Senior Judoka will also be awarded. Any first shiai judoka will receive an award – see Sensei Tamai.

Kata Divisions:

Novice (3 sets) and Open:  Nage-No-Kata, Katame-No-Kata, or Ju-No-Kata

Open Advanced:  NageNo Kata, Katame No Kata, Ju No kata, Goshin Jitsu, Kime-No-Kata

If less than three teams are in a division, divisions may be combined.

Novice division will be considered all Junior ranks and Senior ranks below Sankyu. Sankyu and above will be

considered Advanced. Mixed teams will be ranked off of the highest level player.


Junior Boys Division – 3 minute matches

5-8 y.o             45        50        55        60        65        75        Hwt

9-10 y.o           55        60        65        70        75        80        Hwt

11-12 y.o         80        90        100      110      125      Hwt

13-14 y.o         80        100      120      140      Hwt

15-16 y.o         130      145      160      180      Hwt


Junior Females Division – 3 minute matches

5-8 y.o             45        50        55        65        Hwt

9-10 y.o           55        60        65        75        Hwt

11-12 y.o         65        70        85        Hwt

13-14 y.o         80        90        100      Hwt

15-16 y.o         120      135      Hwt


Senior Divisions – 4 minute matches

Divisions will be subdivided by Novice (Yonkyu and below) and Advanced (Sankyu and above).

Male:                                                                          Female:

132 and below             178+ to 198 lbs.                       106 and below             139+ to 154 lbs.

132+ to 145 lbs.           198+ to 220 lbs.                       106+ to 115 lbs.           154+ to 172 lbs.

145+ to 161 lbs.           Over 220                                115+ to 126 lbs.           Over 172 lbs.

161+ to 178 lbs.                                                           126+ to 139 lbs.


Men’s Master (judoka over 30 y.o.) 161       178      198      220      over 220



* The tournament director reserves the right to alter or change any division to establish a more equitable

competitive division. Divisions with less than 3 people may be moved to the next bracket up.

** DOJO Weigh In: Judoka can weigh in at their dojo with the coach/sensei submitting the certified weights.

Judoka MUST make their specified weigh division. Sensei/Coach must be a certified coach or instructor

through USJA, USJF, or USA Judo.

*** Division Lists and/or Brackets will be posted to the Web site on Friday, October 4


For more information visit our website at or call 703-622-6861

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  • USJF = US Judo Federation
  • USJA = US Judo Association
  • USJI = USA Judo, Inc
  • PJU = PanAmerican Judo Union
  • PJC = PanAmerican Judo Confederation
  • IJF = International Judo Federation
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