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      On January 5 and 6, 2001, a Referee Clinic was held by Edwin Takemori at Deerfield Run Community Center.   Three Hui-O-Judo members attended to learn more about techniques for good refereeing and professionalism when being a referee.

     On January 13, 2001, Hui-O-Judo hosted a Competitor's Workout and clinic. Approximately 25 participants from 7 clubs worked on advanced techniques such as tsurikomi goshi, hane goshi, harai goshi, uchimata, and tomoenage.   Senseis Ken Tamai, Jimmy Takemori, Edwin Takemori provided guidance to many of the students to improve their techniques.

     On February 2-4, 2001, Jennifer Dillow, Jodi Ant, Sensei Diane Jackson and Sensei Karen Whilden attended the Baltimore Judo Club All Female Workout and Clinic Weekend.  Participants could spend the night on the judo mats to be ready to go in the morning.  The weekend included, advanced ne and nage waza techniques, tachi waza speed drills, and lots of hard work!  Sensei Diane  learned a great new practice: fitting favorite nage waza 9 times and throwing on the tenth - in 15, 12, 10, 9, 8, and 7 seconds.  Anyone not making the count, got throw for the ones they missed.   A good reaction practice was the attacking nage waza circle:  tori in the middle of a circle of attackers.  Each person attacked one at a time but from different directions.  Tori had to turn to the attackers and throw them.  Thank you to Senseis John Anderson and Pam Hinkle for being excellent clinicians and hosts.

     The Shufu Open was held on February 17, 2001 hosted by Hui-O-Judo Judo Beltsville at the Beltsville Community Center, due to a last minute emergency change in venue. Attendance was extraordinarily high.  Hui-O-Judo had 14 junior competitors and 2 senior competitors:  Tyler, Brian, Ivan, Samantha, Amanda, Daniel, William, Krissy, Rene, Jodi, Aya, James, Hasan (Jr and Sr), Ahmed, and Damen (Sr).  Senseis Kevin and Chang ran the head table. Senseis Diane, Mark and Renato  refereed.  Bradley was the team recorder.  Rick was the team coach.  Kathleen and Catherine ran our concession stand.  Glenn was the team EMT.   It was a great team effort.  Thanks to everyone coming out to help.

     Hui-O-Judo came home with 6 first place, 4 second place, and 2 third place awards. We had 5 competitors with perfect records - all matches won by ippon - Rene, Hasan, Samantha, Brian, and Tyler.

     In the junior division: Tyler (2-0) 1st place; Brian (3-0) 1st place; Ivan (3-1) 2nd place; Samantha (2-0) 1st place; Amanda (0-2) 3rd place; Daniel (0-2); William (1-3) 3rd place; Krissy (1-1) 2nd place; Rene (3-0) 1st place; Jodi (0-2) 2nd place; Aya (2-0) 1st place; James (0-2), Ahmed (3-0) 1st place; Hasan (4-1) 2nd place  In the senior division:  Hasan;  Damen (1-3)

     On March 10 -11, 2001, Shufu held a PACE instructors certification clinic in Bowie, Maryland.  Clinicians were Ms. Miki Takimori and Mr. John Anderson.  From Hui-O, six adults attended:  Kevin, Chang, Rick, Diane, Mark and Renato.  The clinic covered legal issues; how to promote judo; common judo injuries; ideas for good training; conditioning exercises; well as a day of practical, on the mat instruction on tachi waza and ne waza.  Senseis Kevin, Renato, Chang, Diane, and Mark earned coaches and instructors certification.  Rick Dillow earned a coaches certification.

     The Beltsville Spring Open was held on March 17, 2001, hosted by Hui-O Judo Beltsville, at the Beltsville Academic Center. This regional tournament had competitors from as far as Texas, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia. There were 74 junior competitors and 26 senior competitors from 20 different clubs.  Hui-O-Judo Beltsville sent 16 junior competitors and 1 senior competitor, who came home with the Outstanding Junior Team Trophy having 13 first place, 3 second place, and 2 third place awards. We had all 13 competitors with perfect records - all matches won by ippon - Daniel, Renee, Aya, Hosam, Ivan, Marco, Amanda, Brian, Brian, William, and Tyler.  Omedeto! (Congratulations!) And, thanks for showing us the benefits of hard work and determination.

     On March 29 through April 1, the team enjoyed our trip and did very well at the 14th Annual Liberty Bell Judo Classic held at Lincoln High School in Philadelphia Pennsylvania on March 30th.  The tournament was run on 5 mats and was expected to draw over 500 junior contestants and 600 seniors, including several Olympic contestants from the Olympic Games at Sydney from last year.  Weigh in's were held on Friday night, then we went out for a big pasta dinner with the Prince George's Judo Club. Then came home to get a good night's sleep.

     Hui-O-Judo had 14 contestants: Daniel Yee (0-2), Renee Reardon (1-1), Ivan Bonilla (2-1), Brian Lope (4-2), Tyler Smith (1-2), Krisanna Reardon (1-2), Amanda Yee (0-2), Samatha Yee (0-2), Robert Dillow (0-2), William Reardon (1-2), Aya Abdalla (0-2), Marco DeVittoro (0-2), James Brettell (0-2), Hasam Abdalla (Jr and Sr) (3-0 and 1-2) and Sensei Ariana (Sr)(2-2).  Hasam got first place in the juniors, Samatha Yee, Renee Reardon, Ivan Bonilla, and Tyler Smith took second place, Brian Lope, William Reardon, and Krisanna Reardon and Sensei Ariana took 3rd place.  In addition we had a great support staff of 23 other family members to cheer us on. Congratulations to all of our judoka who participated and thank you to all of the family members who came up to support the team.

     On April 7 - 8, Shufu held is Spring Promotional hosted by Arlington Judo Club.  {Eleven} Hui-O-Judo members tested for promotion or fought in the tournament.  Hue members were:  Brian, Ivan, Tyler (competition only), Amanda, Samantha, Daniel, Aya, Ahmed, Hossan (competition only), and Mark.  For promotion, juniors must demonstrate their knowledge of judo (including japanese terminology), their throwing and hold-down techniques, and compete in two types of competition that day.  Seniors (16 years and old) must complete these requirements and have additional requirements to demonstrate their choking and arm-lock techniques, pass a written test, and demonstrate several forms of kata (pre-arranged demonstration of various judo techniques).  CONGRATULATIONS - ALL OF THE HUI-O-JUDO MEMBERS THAT TESTED FOR PROMOTION WERE SUCCESSFUL!  Special thanks to Sensei Kevin to moving the mats to Arlington and setting up the competition venue; Sensei Kevin and Sensei Diane for returning mats to Hue; and Sensei Diane for refereeing.  Also, thanks to Sensei Diane for giving an informal senior competitors' clinic on new rule interpretations during the Board of Examiners' meeting.

     On March 5, members of Hui-O-Judo participated the Renshinkan Judo Dojo 8th Annual Invitational Championships at State University of New York College at Brockport, New York.  Sensei Tamai took Ivan, Tyler, Marco & Mark. Sensei Mark refereed juniors and played the masters division, while the juniors each played 2 divisions each. Hui-O-Judo came home to Maryland with 3 gold, 2 silver, and 2 bronze medals.  Congratulations to all the team members who participated.

     On Saturday, May 12, Sensei Tamai took Tyler Smith and Sensei Mark to Durham, NC, to participate in the Bushido Judo School's The 1st Annual Durham Challenge Shiai.  Tyler played in two divisions and won 1st place in both divisions.  Additionally, Tyler was awarded the Outsanding Junior award.  Sensei Mark refereed.  Congratulations to Tyler for his victories, and thanks for demonstrating to us all that hard work and dedication carry their own rewards.

     Also on  the same Saturday, May 12th 2001, the Team representing Hui-O-Judo Beltsville did well in representing the club at the 6th Annual Lawrenceville Invitational Judo Tournament held at the Lawrenceville Neighborhood Center in Lawrenceville New Jersey. The Hui-O team took third overall in team points and came home with two second place finishers and 4 third place finishers. Hui-O had six competitors entered in the competition. The competitors were Jennifer Dillow, James Brettell, Steven Pielmeier, Amanda Yee, Samatha Yee and Daniel Yee. We were supported by Mr. and Mrs. Yee and Mr. Pielmeier. The tournament was open to all USJF, USJF and USJI members. The tournament was sanction by the United States Judo Federation.  After the tournament, we enjoyed pizza at a local Italian place. Congratulations to all of our competitors on their performances. Thank you to all of the parents who supported the team and spent the day with us. Thank you to the Yees for taking pictures and driving.  Thank you to Mr. Pielmeier for driving and coming us to support us.

     On Saturday, May 19, Hui-O-Judo hosted an open Competitors Clinic at the Beltsville Academic Center.  The purpose of the clinic was to help prepare some of the local players for the Am-Can International Challenge in Buffalo, New York.  Juniors, Seniors, and Masters from several local clubs attended and participated.  Special thanks to Sensei John Morrisson for teaching us at this clinic.

     On Sunday, May 20, it was Beltsville Festival Day!  Sensei Tamai presented a Judo demonstration to the fascinated audience in the Beltsville Community Center Gymnasium. Also in the demonstration were Amanda, Samantha, Daniel, Mark, and Sensei Kevin.  A typical class was presented, including zarei, taiso, zempokaiten, randori. Some specifics of kesagatame were detailed, followed by a brief question and answer session.  Lots of fun was had by all.

    Memorial Day Weekend was the  28th Am-Can International Judo Challenge at the State University of New York, Amherst in Buffalo, NY.  This is a continental-class tournament, with players from U.S. and Canada playing on 8 mats. Beltsville was well represented by Hui-O-Judo, as we sent 7 juniors and 2 senior competitors, along with their their families, to this most spectacular event.  Representing Hui-O-Judo Beltsville on the mat were Blake, Tyler, Marco, Hossam, Brian, Ivan, Steven, Aya, and Sensei Mark.  Sensei Chang and Sensei Mark served as coaches for Juniors.  All of us had a blast, as well as a serious learning experience, and returned home with 2 silver and 1 bronze trophies.

     On June 2nd, Beltsville hosted the Shufu Yudanshakai Pre-USJF Junior and Youth Nationals at the Beltsville Academic Center.  This is a predecessor tournament for the nationals to be held in Monterey, California later this month.  There was an excellent turnout from judo clubs around Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.  About a dozen Hui-O-Judo players participated and did very well.  Special thanks to all the parents and family who assisted in set-up, running various tables, and clean-up.

     On June 16, once again Hui-O-Judo Beltsville hosted another  Shufu Yudanshakai Clinic and Workout  at the Beltsville academic center.  The clinic was open to all, and was free to any competitor at the Shufu Yudanshakai Pre-USJF Junior Nationals in the same gym earlier this month.  Sensei Tamai and Sensei John Morrisson taught the agenda for the day, which focused on various aspects of newaza, particularly defenses and escapes. Attendance was light, as usual, but several local area clubs were well represented, including Arlington Judo, Washington Judo, Budokan, and Hui-O-Judo Beltsville.  Once again, special thanks go to Sensei Morrisson.

     On July 20-22, Hui-O-Judo Beltsville was represented at the US Junior Olympics at Louisville, Kentucky by Robert Dillow.  Sensei Kevin coached.  During Robert's first match, he was well ahead on the scoreboard when he was injured.  Though he performed well during the match, he could not continue.  Robert and Kevin stayed to watch the remainder tournament and had a blast supporting players from sister Shufu Yudanshakai clubs.

     On July 27-29, at the USJA Junior Nationals in Toledo, Ohio, Hui-O-Judo Beltsville was represented by Tyler Smith.  Sensei Mark coached.  Tyler won most of his matches and did well against several nationally rated athletes from US and Canada, but failed to equal his own silver medal from the previous year, and was not among the 5 medalists from Maryland this year.  This event was HUGE , serving matches on 6 mats in a beautiful convention center in downtown Toledo.  Plan on attending this most excellent tournament in 2002!

     On August 11, several students and parents of Hui-O-Judo attended the PG Judo Referee's Clinic, Table Workshop, and Mock Shiai.  This was yet another excellent event with a better than expected turn-out.  This was a learning experience designed to make tournaments run smoother. The program took place on one mat with several tables for scoring and timekeeping. Special situations for the referees and table workers were sometimes "pre-arranged" with the players in order to improve the abilities and readiness of the various tournament staff to deal with extraordinary circumstances. Sensei Roy Englert ran the referee's clinic, and Sensei Malcom Hodges ran the table workshop, while Sensei Edwin Takemori coordinated the players with the other two groups. During the afternoon, the famous "Diving Techniques" video was presented to the referees to improve their ability to recognize these dangerous and illegal moves (players take heed!).  This was an excellent learning experience where all were reminded that there is ALWAYS something more to learn (and that we can still have fun learning it).

     On August 18, Hui-O-Judo Beltsville hosted the 49th Eastern Open Championship at the Beltsville Academic Center.  Though attendance was expected to be excellent, the actual head count far exceeded any expectations for all divisions. Participants and Referees came from far away states, including NY, CT, NJ, PA, DE, MD, DC, VA, NC, & KY.  This was an excellent tournament with fast action and excellent technique demonstrated in all Junior, Senior, and Master divisions alike.  A number of our own students played, including several first-timers, and all did better than expected.  Hui-O-Judo would like to express its deepest gratitude to the families and friends for helping with all functions of the setup and operation of such an excellent event -- without their help such an event would not be possible.

     On September 8, Hui-O-Judo Beltsville hosted a Shufu Yudanshakai Clinic at the Beltsville Academic Center.  The primary topic was nagewaza for shiai.  Near the end of the clinic, Sensei Kevin conducted several games, including an interesting relay race, that presented the competitors with numerous judo obstacles on the path to their finish line. We would like to thank once again the Sensei John Morrisson and Jimmy Takemori for their most excellent presention to the group of over 30 attendees.

     Farewell to Sensei Chang who left us during the first week of October for Korea.  His current job with Avaya Communications offered him a position in Korea for 1 year to work on World Cup (soccer).  We will miss his energy and enthusiasm in class.  We all thank him for how he has helped each of us grow and develop our judo skills.  Sensei Chang started in Hui-O-Judo back in the 1970's when the club was in Berwyn Heights.  There are many photos of him through the year in our scrap books.  We hope he will be able to come back and visit through the year and we all look forward to having him back next year.  We are all hoping that he will find a dojo in Seoul to study judo and acquire new skills to bring us upon his return, as well as to share some Hui-O-Judo stuff and Shufu stuff with other judo students there.

     New Judoka !!!  Sensei Diane has a baby girl - Abigail Marie Jackson - Born October 14th at 830 am.  Se weighs 8 pounds and 13 ounces.  Diane and Abigail are both doing well.

     On October 27, Hui-O-Judo hosted their annual Beltsville Fall Open Tournament at Beltsville Academic Center.  We are all proud of our students who competed, and thankful to their parents who helped to set up, organize, manage and run the event.  Without the parents' support, we would not be able to host successful tournaments.  Our club took second place in overall team standings, losing by just two points for 1st place.  Though we were very happy with club attendance at the event by both competitors and non competitors, we hope that more will attend future events to help support their team.

  On November 3, many of our students attended the Shufu Jr Promotionals .  These examinations are conducted only twice each year.  Promotion in Judo is intentionally difficult to achieve, and rank is not granted lightly.  Rank examinations are intentionally very strict, and not all of us achieve the results we anticipate every time we examine. Those that achieve rank can be very certain that they earned it. Be aware that they are certain to face tougher competition in future.  Successful or not, as we bow out of the promotional shiaijo to go home, we realize that judo teaches us to face adversity in many forms, again and again, and we are reminded why we must strive to work hard during each and every class, clinic, and tournament.  Omedeto to our students who attained their next rank!  We are proud of your hard work, and now expect more of you.

     On November 17, many judoka from Hui-O-Judo competed at the Maryland State Championships in College Park, MD.   Several competitors played in more than one division. Once again, Hui-O-Judo took second place to College Park Judo in overall team standings for the Junior Team Award by just 4 points -- Note well that College Park had 28 competitors to our 8.  This was an outstanding performance by our players, and Beltsville is duly proud.  A number of our parents also attended and helped out with coaching, refereeing, and general support, for which the entire club is grateful. Also of note, several of our students came out to support their teammates, even though they did not compete!  Congratulations to College Park Judo for hosting their first shiai and for their fine job they did -- we hope to see more from them in the future.

     On November 24, Hui-O-Judo attended the 1st Pennsylvania Dutch Open.   Due to the short notice and weekend holiday, only a few were judoka were contacted to brave the 3 hour trip to Reading, Pennsylvania.  This was a small tournament, 1 mat with light attendance.  Brian Lope, Ivan Bonilla, Tyler Smith, & Mark Smith all drove up with Sensei Tamai in the sensei's van.  The yonen each played in 2 divisions.  Sensei Mark played masters division & refereed.  Sensei Tamai did pairing at the head table.  Of the 9 divisions played, 8 trophies were won, and everyone brought home something.  An excellent job by all 5 players and the Sensei -- Hui-O-Judo is proud once again!

     On December 1, Hui-O-Judo attended the Prince George's Open at Glendale, MD.  This annual tournament had a lighter than usual attendance.  7 of our competitors attended. Sensei Tamai, Kevin, and Mark were there to coach, as well as Rick Dillow.  All competitors did well & most did better than expected.  All went for chinese food afterwards right up the street and had a blast! 
     On December 18, Hui-O-Judo held its annual Christmas Party.  Over 50 people attended this festivity, including teachers and students, along with their families. A tastey Bring-Your-Own dinner was shared and a number of games were played. The award for competitor of the year went to Brian Lopez and the Spirit award went to Robert Dillow. Great fun! Please attend next year! :)

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