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Hui O Judo Eternal
Ken B. Tamai, Sensei
6th Degree Blackbelt (Rokudan)

Founder of Hui-O-Judo
1933 - 2004

Tamai Sensei

    The Passing of Kenneth Bunji Tamai

     As many of you know, my father Kenneth Tamai, passed away on June 30, 2004 at 2:00 am in Honolulu Hawaii. He was found to have a very advanced cancer of the pancreas which spread to his liver and into his kidneys. He passed away just a few days after being diagnosed. He was surrounded by his family when he passed. We were all able to say our own personal goodbyes to him. His ashes were placed at the Punchbowl National Memorial Cemetary of the Pacific on Honolulu, Hawaii. We brought some ashes back to be put with my mother when she passes.

     He is currently a Rokudan (6th degree black belt), recognized by the Kodokan in Japan, the United States Judo Federation (USJF) and the United States Judo Inc (USJI). He continues to be recognized and honored with awards and citations for his service and dedication to the advancement and development of the sport of judo.

     In addition to being survived by his wife, six children and 8 grandchildren, he is also survived by his oldest sister, Ito, and youngest bother, Yasu, as well as a host of other relatives.

    We can look back at his life and easily see how much he loved his judo and his family. He leaves behind a legacy. He gave so much of himself to all that he did. His happiness was found in the experiencing of the entire journey through his life rather than a goal at the end of the path. He leaves his mark not only by the life he led, but in each one of his children. He will be greatly missed but his spirit will always live on inside of us.

    On behalf of my family and myself, I would like to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers at this very difficult time for all of us.

    We are setting a a memorial fund, in his honor, for the development of judo in this area. For those who are interested in donating to this fund please contact Kevin S. Tamai,

Thank you again
Kevin Tamai

The Ken Tamai Memorial Award

David Hamlin Sensei
43 years in judo
5th degree black belt (Godan)

James Gosnell Sensei

1st degree black belt (Shodan)

I was asked about James Gosnell by a parent whose child had recently joined our club.  Before I had the opportunity to answer the question, one of the children in our club blurted out the response:  "JAMES IS TEACHING THE ANGELS HOW TO PLAY JUDO!" With that thought in mind, we who knew, worked, and played with Sensei Jack, Robert, and James sincerely hope that the thunder heard in the heavens above is the sound of our friends throwing the angels and not being thrown.  They are and always will be a part of Hui-O-Judo, where their presence is dearly missed.
Karl Tamai
The James Gosnell Memorial Award

Jack Fetrow Sensei

Robert Fetrow

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Hui O Judo Eternal