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Hui O Judo Eternal

James Gosnell Memorial Inspirational Award

In loving memory of

James A. Gosnell, Sensei
  1st Degree Blackbelt (Shodan)
Lost February 15, 1996 at age 21

Tamai Sensei

        The James Gosnell Inspirational Award is for those who inspire us to be better people, to help other people, to develop a love of judo, and to enjoy the love of the judo experience.

Previous Recipients
1996 Spring, Kevin Tamai
1996 Fall, Mark Dantzler
1997 Spring, Joan Smith
1997 Fall, Parnell Legros
1998 Spring, Kurt Tamai
1998 Fall, Lou Moyerman
1999 Spring, Karl Tamai
1999 Fall, Renato Ferreria
2000 Spring, Kevin Tamai
2000 Fall, Malcolm Hodges
2001 Spring, Mark Smith
2001 Fall, William Chaney
2002 Spring, John Morrisson
2002 Fall, Helen McProuty
2003 Spring, Eichi Koiwai, MD
2003 Fall, Sharon Landstreet
2004 Spring, The Yee Family
2004 Fall, Ana Maria Valenzuela
2005 Spring, William Bradley Mason
2006 Spring, James Takemori
2006 Fall, Robert Kirk
2007 Pam Hinkle
2008 Fran Vall
2009 The Wilson Family
2010 Roy Englert, Sr
2011 Dorothy Tamai
2012 John Anderson
2013 Edwin Takemori
2014 Peggy Whilden
2015 Margie Kettl

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Hui O Judo Eternal