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Hui O Judo Eternal
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Virginia State Championship / Open 2000
Charlottesville, VA

Students from Hui-O-Judo Beltsville
proudly represented Maryland...

...Worked, Played, Fought Hard...
...and came home
Beltsville Community Center 
Annual Sports Card Show and Festival

students and teachers with
Chic Hernandez, FOXsports Sportscaster

Club members disseminating the virtues of judo to at the Beltsville sports festival
US Naval Academy Invitational
February, 1999

Hui-O-Judo Players, Referees, & coaching staff

Sensei Kurt
throwing utsuri goshi
Go Get'm Ben! 
working a kesa gatame 
at USNA 
Shufu Open
February 2000

pre-tournament warm-up

Shufu Open
February 2000

Preparing to do battle

Shufu Open
February 2000

Evon, the bringer of punishment!

Shufu Clinic
February 2000

Takemori Sensei leading the troops

Faye Allen Memorial Kata Championship
Glendale, MD, March, 2000

Officials and Contestants

Renato shows WWF how it's done
kata teams
Shufu Spring Promotionals 
Beltsville, 1999

Tim Yee correctly demonstrates application of kesagatame
in shiai for ippon

Amanda Yee in action, 
same shiai, tai otoshi.
somebody has been paying attention.
Shufu Spring Promotionals
Beltsville, 1999

obi-tying inspection?

12th Anual Liberty Bell Classic
at Lincoln HS, Philadelphia, PA

you should be in this group!

Liberty Bell Action!
Daniel vs. Steve
(only one can survive the round and advance through the
More Liberty Bell Action!
Misha demonstrates the best way to survive the round....quickly throw your 
opponent to his back with force, speed, and control
USJI Senior Nationals 2000
                                    Houston, TX
Sensei Kurt & Sensei Karl represented Hui-O-Judo
and other local clubs represent Shufu Yudanshakai

Congratulations on the Silver Medals!

USJI Senior Nationals 2000
 Houston, TX
April 2000

National Champions!

Lawrenceville Judo Club, Hudson Judo Yudanshaka 
                                    5th Annual Invitational 
                                    2000 Junior Division Judo Tournament
May 2000

Beltsville Juniors relax together
after they cleaned house!

28th Am-Can Invitational Judo Challenge
Buffalo, NY

Preparing for opening ceremonies

Am-Can 2000 
Feast of Victory! 
parents & players 
  Am-Can 2000
  Marco assists Canadian opponent 
  to his back
Shufu Yudanshakai Pre-USJF Nationals
                          at Beltsville Academic Center

June 2000

USJA Junior Nationals 2000
Charlotte, NC

Hui-O-Judo team members join PG Judo Club and Maryland Judo Club
in representing the state of Maryland at the nationals

Misha shows no fear at the Nationals
Eastern Open 2000
Beltsville, MD
August 2000

Sensei Kevin pairs out matches

Eastern Open
Tyler shoots seoi nage
Eastern Open
Hasan secures ushiro kesa gatame
Eastern Open Champs
Hui-O-Judo Beltsville players & support
PG Open 2000
Glendale, MD

Jen dominates her opponent

PG Open

Beltsville rulez!  ;-)

Hui-O-Judo Christmas Party

Happy Holidays &
shin ben omedeto!


Map / Directions
Hui O Judo Eternal