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Competitiors Clinic 
Beltsville, MD 
January 2001 

Opening Formation 

 Sensei Diane demonstrates uchi mata
 Sensei Karen, uke
under Sensei Tamai's watchful eye, 
Sensei Karen demonstrates tomoe nage 
Sensei Diane, uke 
 Baltimore Judo Club All Female Workout and Clinic
 February 2001
 Beltsville students & teachers attend
PACE Instructors' Clinic 
March 10-11, 2001 
Bowie, MD 

Sensei Chang stretches Mark's elbow 
Renato & Diane in background 

 PACE Instructors' Clinic
 March 10-11, 2001
 Bowie, MD
 Participating Teachers
14th Annual Liberty Bell Classic 
Philadelphia, PA 
March 31, 2001 
Daniel Yee shoots a big left 
More Liberty Bell Action
Another left from Marco!

Look Ma! Same throw as Daniel!
Do you thinx they might study together?  ;-)

The Famous ... 
Liberty Bell Peanut Gallery 
Are we having fun yet? 
you should be in this picture !! 
 Still more...
 Liberty Bell Action
 Hot & Heavy
 Tyler hurlz another big guy
 Ippon Seoinage!
an April Class 

Where are you in this picture? 

 Hui-O-Judo visits
 Renshinkan Judo Dojo 
 8th Annual Invitational Championships 
 at State University of New York College at Brockport 
 just outside of Rochester, NY
 May 5, 2001

 cleaning house!

A Spring Class 
Beltsville Academic Center 
 Shufu Clinic 
 May 19, 2001 
 At Beltsville Academic Center 
 Beltsville, MD 
Sensei Tamai and Sensei Morrisson 
 Sennsei Kevin
 With yonen at the clinic
Faye Allen Memorial Kata Competition 
at Glendale Community Center 

Kurt & Karl Tama i
2001 U.S. National Nage No Kata Champions 

 Competitors Clinic
 Glendale, MD

 Sensei James Takemori
 instructs his formation

 Competitors Clinic 
 Glendale, MD 

 Tate Shiho Gatame

Competitors Clinic 
 Glendale, MD 

Tomoe Nage 

 Lawrenceville Judo Club Invitational 2001
 May 12, 2001
 Lawrenceville, NJ

Steven attacks with Ko Soto Gari


Samantha Yee locks in her Kesa Gatame

49th Eastern Open 
August 2001 
Beltsville MD 

Daniel works his position 

49th Eastern Open 

 Jr. Formation for Awards

49th Eastern Open 

Hui-O-Judo invites you to attend the 50th 

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Map / Directions
Hui O Judo Eternal