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a recent class

"...learning to teach others..."


Sensei Kurt in shiai, 
practicing what he preaches.
Where did you learn that? 
Shumi, taking his position.

Hui-O-Judo Beltsville
hosts more tournaments per year
than MOST ANY OTHER dojo in...

  • the state of Maryland
  • the east coast
  • U.S.A.
  • North America
  • Western Hemisphere!
  • Maryland State Championships
    Glendale, MD
    Sensei Diane & Sensei Karl, 
    with triumphant students.
    East Coast Championships 1999
    Newark, NJ
    Sensei Karl,
    mo ichi do! (one more time)
    Fayetteville/Ft. Bragg Invitational 
    Fayetteville, NC
    In regional action, 
    Hui-O-Judo Team Tears'm up again!
    Beltsville Fall Invitational 1999
    Beltsville, MD
    There's no place like home!
    And at the
    27th Annual AM-CAN 
    International Judo Challenge
    Buffalo, NY
    Hui-O-Judo Beltsville Juniors and Seniors
    represented Maryland and the U.S.A.
    Beltsville Academic Center
    Observe our students
    diligently practicing their agility exercises
    mastering the simple 147-step turnover

    Picnic! Sensei Diane and Sensei Joan demonstrate science of sand castle defense systems.

    When Sensei Karl speaks, 
    students listen.
    William gets hands on.
    Marco with Tyler and Chrissie,
    improving their shintai?
    A formation of juniors
    Hui-O-Judo center column

    We are proud of their self discipline!

    Check out the lineup at the edge.

    Brian vs David
    Sensei Mark referees

    Shufu Fall Promotional
    Beltsville, MD

    Jamile's 1st match!

    Renato and Mark start their nage no kata.

    Pumping up in the background...
    Midshipmen from USNA Annapolis

    Brian scores ippon with kesagatame
    Keystone Classic 1999
    Hershey, PA
    Students from Hui-O-Judo Beltsville
    stood along side other judoka from P.G. Judo and N.I.H. Judo
    and proudly represented Maryland
    Christmas Party!
    Beltsville, MD

    Blind-folded Kendo exercise?
    NOT! just good old pinata fun.

    Map / Directions
    Hui O Judo Eternal